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So. We just got home from an amazing trip. Quite possibly my favorite one ever. We made lots of memories. We unplugged and were totally present. My heart was so full the entire ride home, thinking of how I truly want to keep more of “vacation mode” mom around. More laughing. More togetherness. More fun. More engaged. Less stressed. Less phone. Less distractions.

I walked back into my home, the one which we left in complete and utter disarray at 7am on Christmas morning… presents from the grandparents and family members laying around everywhere.. wrapping paper strewn around… boxes galore.. wet laundry and towels and on and on and on… and what happens?

That all too familiar feeling came over me. Uneasiness. Stress. Overwhelm. Wanting to clean it all and crawl in a hole and hide at the same time. Then… the fidgeting starts. I put away something… then something else.. and before I know it… “vacation mode mom” is ALMOST gone. Before I even really realize it, I’m finding my patience waning and my calm, happy self slipping away.

But… then… I remembered her. And you know what word came to me?


There’s tomorrow. There will hopefully be time to put it away… if God gives me the gift of tomorrow. There will ALWAYS be more that needs done… but it doesn’t have to be right now. Right now… I want to follow the lead of the Prince of Peace Himself.. who’s birth we have been celebrating this week, and… even though there was SO much work to be done… He chose to focus on those right in front of Him while He was here with us.

And right now…. that’s what I’m going to do, too. Because my littlest wolf cub wants and needs to snuggle with his Mama, and that can’t wait until tomorrow.


Wishing you health and happiness!