I get it. I really do, friend.
You WANT to make 2019 your best year yet. You know that you need to make changes to your current lifestyle. You want to be healthier and have more peace with food. You NEED a sustainable plan for LIFE… not another “diet”. You’ve tried lots of “programs” and things in the past, and you just don’t want to spend money on ONE MORE THING that will be more of the same. It’s hard to justify spending the money on yourself, especially at this very busy time of the year. But… what if I told you that 2019 could be different? What if I told you that it really could be your best year yet? What if you really COULD make the healthy lifestyle changes you’ve wanted and needed to make for years… and this time… it could really stick?

Well… friend…. I’m here to tell you.. it’s possible. How do I know? I’ve done it. I started this year at a pretty low point. I could not lose the baby weight from #4, I was exhausted and tried of trying, and I was SO sick of the bad cycle I was in. Lose a pound, gain it back. Slave to the scale. Gaining belly fat rather than losing it. I wasn’t sleeping, and I was desperate to make real, sustainable change. I was so sick of my dysfunctional relationship with food. I had been researching true fat loss for a while, and began diving more and more into it. I start learning about terms like “macros” and “fat loss” and “carb depletion”, which honestly were completely foreign to me, even after a decade long career in fitness. I was totally stuck, but I didn’t want to stay there. I started to take some baby steps forward, and then.. I found a program online that combined EVERYTHING I had spent over a year researching and learning about, and I knew I had to do it. After seeing this program up close, I KNEW it was my passion and responsibility to share this with others. In time, I moved forward with my certification, and I’m so excited to share these fat loss strategies with the world!

SO… How do you measure a year? Well… this year for me can be summed up in one word. GROWTH. I’ve grown a ton (while shrinking physically!), and it’s been a BIG year. The thing that changed everything for me? Realizing that if I wanted a different result, I was going to have to DO something different. I was going to have to take that first step. And.. you know what happened? That ONE step turned into lots of steps…. which became giant LEAPS forward! Not only did I make progress in my health and fitness goals, but I also was able to break some bad habits, like my addiction to Coca-Cola! I gave that up on my birthday in May, and I haven’t looked back. I’ve also read my Bible every day for this entire year…. which is something I’ve attempted and failed many times before. I will have completed the entire Bible in a year, and it’s been life changing! I’ve been able to do things I’ve NEVER been able to do before… for one reason. I STOPPED BREAKING MY PROMISES TO MYSELF. There is something very powerful in actually doing what I set out to do…. and in actually keeping my word to myself. Those ( small steps gave me confidence, and that confidence has propelled me forward.

Do you want 2019 to be different? Then.. join me! We have an AMAZING group shaping up for my inaugural round of the FASTer Way to Fat Loss, and I want YOU to join us. I can promise you, this isn’t like anything you’ve EVER done before. This isn’t just another program, or more of the same. It’s the most effective and popular program on the market on right now for one reason.

It delivers.

If you DO it, friend… if you really commit to it, you will see results. You will learn how to eat for life. You’ll learn how to exercise in the most effective ways. You’ll learn cutting edge strategies that are backed by science to turn you into a fat burning machine! It’s the LAST program you will ever need. The last “before” pic you’ll ever need to take. This step forward could be the step to propel YOU forward, like it did me! It IS possible to gain control and achieve your goals. I’m here to help.

Give yourself the gift of health this year! Let’s make 2019 your best year yet!