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Andrea stephens

Personal Trainer, Group Fitness Instructor & Fitness Coach

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Hi, friend! I’m so glad you’re here! Maybe you’re here because you would like to live a little healthier. Maybe you’re here because you’ve tried lots of different things in the past, and you’re still looking for your “happy medium”. I get it. I’ve been a fitness professional for more than a decade, and if there is one thing I’ve learned, it’s that there is no “one size fits all” when it comes to fitness. Yes, we need to nourish our bodies. Yes, we need to move to stay young. Yes, how we treat ourselves matters. But, there is more to life than obsessing over calories, macros, and food. The thing we need more than anything else is freedom. I believe that comes from “finding our happy medium”. That’s what I hope to help you find!

My Approach

I truly believe it is possible to transform your life from the inside out; outward change starts on the inside. Mindset and a positive view of yourself are the most important things when beginning to live a healthier lifestyle.  I want to see self love, happiness, moderation, and healthier choices, not just for a season, but for LIFE!

Honest Results

I’ve been in fitness for a long time, and the truth is, I’ve tried every “diet” under the sun. NOTHING gave me peace with food and results long term, because diets simply don’t work. What we need is a healthy LIFESTYLE that we can live with long term. We NEED a HAPPY MEDIUM!

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